Meet the Sustainability Transformation research group at the SDG Conference 2023 at the University of Bergen! Our session on Day Zero takes up a central theme of the Research Council of Norway funded ASSET project on Accountable Solar Energy TransitionS!

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Workshop organisers: Siddharth Sareen (UiB & UiS) and Shayan Shokrgozar (UiB)

Installed solar energy capacity is accelerating at blinding speed, making it the quickest-growing energy source worldwide. Yet to succeed in displacing fossil fuels—rather than adding to them—solar sources require cognate aspects of our energy system to support their integration, alongside a commitment to reducing energy use.

Cognate aspects include energy flexibility technologies such as electronic storage (batteries), thermal storage (molten salts), mechanical storage (reverse hydro-pumping) and energy conversion (green hydrogen); sustainable land use models such as agrivoltaics (combining food and energy production), building-integrated photovoltaics (including in positive energy districts) and energy communities (including aggregation and virtual prosumption); sectoral coupling such as through transport electrification and smart grids; and proactive regulatory measures to ensure that the benefits and burdens associated with rapid solar rollouts are distributed equitably to avoid the reproduction of historical injustices.

Importantly, considerations for reduction include the advancement of institutions and movements that ensure wellbeing without elitist-consumerist growth

In this interactive workshop run in hybrid mode, we share key findings and feature eminent invited speaker Zoi Siamanta. Then we offer some case details for our traditional hands-on live action role playing (LARPing) activity, where audience members work in groups to represent a stakeholder on stage. Shine on!

Relevant for: 
SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy 
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities 
SDG 13: Climate Action 
SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

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