Bérénice Girard and Siddharth Sareen, in collaboration with comic artist Leo Ribeiro, with technical editing and riso printing by Benjamin Hickethier, and thematic inputs from Mehdi Torkaman, have scripted and co-produced a solarpunk zine entitled ‘Think solar, act local’!

This zine, riso printed at &soWalter (usw.) at the local art collective Consulatet in Stavanger in 100+ beautiful copies, stems from a workshop led by Bérénice in November 2022. The workshop took place thanks to a Green Transitions grant from the Greenhouse Centre for Environmental Humanities at the University of Stavanger, and drawing from collaboration on the Accountable Solar Energy TransitionS (ASSET) and Sun4All projects funded by the Research Council of Norway and the European Commission (Horizon 2020) respectively.

A special issue for the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition, on the workshop theme of governing renewable energy rollouts in financially constrained contexts, is in progress during 2023, co-edited by Bérénice Girard, Shayan Shokrgozar, and Siddharth Sareen.

The solarpunk zine is available open access online. Download your copy below!

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