Researching energy politics on an Indian borderland with Pakistan: a doctoral journey 

The Sustainability Transformation programme area is pleased to host a Governing Energy Transitions (GET-)together seminar by David Singh, who is completing a joint PhD at the University of East Anglia and the University of Copenhagen. The seminar is held at Elise Ottesen Jensens Hus 377 (EOJ-377) during 10:15-11:30 on Monday, 15 May 2023.

As an appetiser for the seminar, David Singh writes:

I started my doctoral journey in 2019 with the broad idea of researching land dispossession and resistance to renewable energy rollout in rural India. Four years later, I am about to submit a thesis that investigates the socio-political and territorial reconfigurations of post-earthquake and liberalised border landscapes following the arrival of wind turbine infrastructures 20 years ago. In this presentation, I discuss the challenges and importance of researching energy politics in the margins of the (Indian) state at a time of climate crisis, energy transition and increased authoritarian neoliberalism. I present findings from a 7-month fieldwork in Western India.

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