The Master in Energy Environment and Society organised an event at the popular downtown venue Folken, featuring programme alumni for a social evening. Current students have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, and are both curious and concerned about future employment prospects. Our interdisciplinary programme focuses on sustainable development, energy and climate issues in a rapidly changing environment. How do programme alumni contribute to the necessary transition towards a low carbon society? MEES students are equipped to work in private and public sector enterprises such as think tanks, consulting and energy companies.

Here is a video recording of the event – 100 minute playlist with four videos:

During this social evening, we asked those who hold a Master in Energy Environment and Society about their challenges and experiences regarding employment opportunities. How does their education line up with labour market requirements? Have they found suitable jobs that provide alumni with the opportunity to contribute with competencies from the programme?

Current students and friends of the programme engaged with recent alumni to gain insight from their experiences. Our speakers included:

Magne Bartlett
Working in The Environmental Department at Fylkesmannen, where he interned in 2019.

Rouven Uzelmaier
Discovered his position at SAR AS through Trainee Sørvest.

Rafael David Rosales
PhD candidate at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, University of Bergen.

Minh Nhật Phạm
Currently applying for PhD positions.

Gunn Kristine Notland
Works as a business consultant at Qualisoft.

Tora Margrethe Eide
Trainee at Stavangerregionens Europakontor in Brussels.

Julie Vold
Working at Sparebank as an environmental, social and government analyst.

After brief introductions by participants, PhD candidates Benjamin Silvester and Tine Handeland moderated a discussion and Q&A session.

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